Skin and Blister (2020)

Skin and Blister is an introspective personal project, partly prompted by the inevitable changes which accompanied the arrival my mothers new partner into the triangular female dynamic of our household.

Documenting and observing intimate rituals and subtle shifts in the relationships between myself, my mother and my sister through my photography has brought into sharp focus some of the connecting threads and knotted differences of our shared experiences.

Searching through my photographic archives has made me ever more aware of how much of myself I see reflected in these two women that have been the constants of my life and how much of them I find within me.

This work presents an intimate account of a ‘coming of age’, as my sister turns eighteen and a reminder of my own journey into womanhood.

Bringing together archival and new documentary images, this project aims to capture some of the changing dynamics, textures and constellations of sisterhood, femininity and family.

Characterising my personal observations of the way Monique is changing and maturing over time; this work savours the connections and equivalences between us, our home and surrounding environment. There is an emphasis on the natural world and the childhood memories that spring from within it.

The quotes and stories gathered together for this book offer an intimate insight into our family dynamics; at once both hard and tender.

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